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Managing Pediatric Mental Health Across the School and Primary Care Settings

Dr. Nithya Mani and Dr. Puja Patel from UT Austin Dell Medical School talk about managing pediatric mental health in school and primary care settings. They go over the types of mental health accommodations available within a school setting for different diagnoses, discuss types of school based interventions for specific diagnoses, and identify specific ways that primary care providers can coordinate with school staff to care for students with mental health issues.

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A Call to Action: PCPs Must Manage Mental Health!

A Grand Rounds presentation from Dr. Laurel Williams on the Child Psychiatry Access Network (CPAN).

Video from UTMB CPAN

CPAN Mock Call

The CPAN team at UTMB recorded this simulation of an interaction between a pediatric provider and both the initial call to the main CPAN phone line and the subsequent consultation with a psychiatric specialist.

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What is CPAN?

Dr. Angeline Trinh, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at UTMB, provides an overview of the Child Psychiatry Access Network (CPAN).

Video from UTMB CPAN

Perinatal Mental Health Prescribing

Child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Lobel discusses prescribing for mental health during the perinatal period, particularly for pregnant and post-partum adolescents.