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How Does PeriPAN Work?
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PeriPAN Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit for Obstetric Clinicians.
Clinical Guidance and Education
Screening Tools for Clinician Use
Educational Resources for Patients in Your Practice

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The Perinatal Psychiatry Access Network, PeriPAN, can enhance your capacity to provide the perinatal mental health standard of care your patients need. There is no cost to you or your patients for this evidence-based, clinician-to-clinician program. Texas PeriPAN offers real-time access to a multidisciplinary network of mental health experts—including reproductive psychiatrists—for peer-to-peer consults by phone, vetted and personalized referrals and resources, and behavioral health CMEs. 

Looking for help with a child or adolescent patient? Call CPAN.

PeriPAN is for clinicians serving pregnant and postpartum women, including: 

  • OB/GYNs 
  • Pediatricians
  • Family Practice Clinicians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Midwives
  • Other Primary Care Physicians
  • Nurses and Other Clinicians 
Call 888-901-2726

No call is too small.

Offered through The Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium’s Perinatal Psychiatry Access Network

PeriPAN Helps Clinicians With Perinatal Mental Health 

Learn about real-time consultations that fit into your day. 

  • “Curbside consultations” on specific patient cases. 
  • Vetted referrals by patient insurance, location, and specialist availability. 
  • General questions about mental health care, screening, protocols, medications, and more. 
  • Training with other clinicians to build knowledge and capacity in perinatal mental health topics.  

Why PeriPAN? 

Maternal mental health conditions are the most common complications of pregnancy and childbirth. They affect 1 in 5 perinatal women and are the leading underlying cause of pregnancy-related death in the United States. Women who get treatment can and do recover. 

  • Every Texas county has a persistent shortage of mental health care professionals. 
  • It is best practice to screen women for mental health conditions during the prenatal and postpartum periods. 
  • PeriPAN is state-funded, so there is no cost to clinicians or families. 
  • Your time consulting with PeriPAN may be billable. 

How Does PeriPAN Work?

It’s simple to enroll, easy to use, and completely free. Call 888-901-2726 to enroll within 5 minutes and get help with a patient quickly. No call is too small.

  • Reach a mental health expert within 5 minutes. Call or text to start your consult as you move between patients in your busy day, or during your admin time.
  • We’ll send vetted, local, and individualized referrals within 1 business day.
  • Our team is here Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and we follow up on after-hours messages the next business day.
  • Call as often as you need.

How to Enroll

Clinicians can call and enroll within 5 minutes. Clinic administrators can enroll multiple clinicians.
Join PeriPAN.

Enroll in Perinatal Psychiatry Access Network, step 1. Find Your Region on the interactive map below.
Enroll in Perinatal Psychiatry Access Network, step 2. Call the number listed.
Enroll in Perinatal Psychiatry Access Network, step 3. Ask to enroll.

Click here to download the Perinatal Psychiatry Access Network map as a pdf.

Resources for Clinicians

PeriPAN Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit for Obstetric Clinicians

The PeriPAN Mental Health OB Toolkit is a resource for perinatal care providers with actionable information to build capacity for preventing, identifying, treating, and monitoring perinatal mood and anxiety conditions.

Clinical Guidance and Education

The resources in this section can help to guide your clinical practice in mental health care.

Clinical Guidance and Education Resources for Clinicians and Families

Guidance and Education

PeriPAN Grand Rounds Series Recordings

Texas PeriPAN ECHO Series Recordings

Screening Tools for Clinician Use

This section includes recommended and vetted mental health symptom screening tools.

Screening Tools for Clinician Use

Screening Tools for Clinician Use

Educational Resources for Patients in Your Practice

These resources include educational websites and patient-facing materials to consider using in your practice. PeriPAN does not provide emergency care. Make sure your patients and their families know to dial 988 for the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline during a mental health crisis.

Educational Resources for Patients in Your Practice

Educational Resources for Patients in Your Practice


Crisis Materials

Continuing Medical Education (CMEs):

See one, do one, teach one. PeriPAN offers free educational opportunities to pediatric and maternal health clinicians in Texas through timely virtual CME events and a Project ECHO series.

Downloadable Program Resources:

Find and explore resources about PeriPAN program features, such as texting, direct consults, and free ethics CMEs.