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PeriPAN Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit for Obstetric Clinicians

PeriPAN Program Resources

The PeriPAN Mental Health OB Toolkit is a resource for perinatal care providers with actionable information to build capacity for preventing, identifying, treating, and monitoring perinatal mood and anxiety conditions. It includes clinical guidance on common perinatal mental health conditions with patient screening tools; clinician resources for screening, symptom and risk assessment, treatment initiation, monitoring, follow-up, and management of mood disorders; and materials to support clinicians in mental health care practices and protocols. We also provide patient resources, such as an action plan for mood changes, a safety plan, and a self-care plan.

Downloadable resources

Perinatal Mental Health Conditions Summary Chart

Creating A Supportive Clinical Setting for Perinatal Mental Health Conversations and Care

Screening Tools for Mood Changes with EPDS

Screening Tools for Mood Changes with PHQ-9

Cut Score Summary Chart for Perinatal Mental Health Screening Tools

Patient Resource: Safety Planning and Crisis Resources

Patient Resource: Self-Care Plan in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Patient Resource: Action Plan for Pregnancy and Postpartum Mood Changes